Slander Tongue * Dirtshakes * W.A.S.N.

Cow Club presents:
SLANDER TONGUE (Berlin, Slovenly Rec.)
DIRTSHAKES (Solingen, Raw Action Roll)
W.A.S.N. (Sol./Lev., Hits Hits Hits und Pubertät)
Drei angesagte Hitparaden-Stürmer zum Preis von einer – Wahnsinn!
Waldmeister welcomes Berlin, Germany’s suave rock’n’roll true-believers

SLANDER TONGUE (Slovenly Recs.) to their stable of international beat group sensations!
Think of Johnny Thunders sharing a ride with Fred “Sonic” Smith, while Ian Hunter and Chris Bailey are drunk in the backseat howling along to an old tape of late 60s Rolling Stones.
With lead duties handled by Automatic Axel of Bikes / Modern Pets, and propelled by King Khan and his Shrines sticks man Johnboy Adonis together with local roll-idols Klaus H. and Chico M.
Slander Tongue has got its rhythm stripped down to the bare essentials, and their bluesy boogie.

DIRTSHAKES kommen zurück und spielen zum ersten mal seit 30 Monaten im Waldmeister. The Kings of the Boogaloo (est, 2000) present one more time their unique Raw Action Roll and they are so much younger now.

W.A.S.N. (Solingen/Leverkusen) spielen ihre Lieblingssongs in genialen Versionen von Turbonegro bis Trio und über 100 coole Umwege zurück. Watch out!

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