Platinum Boys (US)

PLATINUM BOYS are from the Rust Belt town of Milwaukee, WI, USA. At first they seem like they can’t possibly be serious about this whole “Rock n’ Roll” thing – that PLATINUM BOYS must be some kind of stoned inside joke taken to the unfortunate extreme of actually appearing in public. The first impression is that they exist for sick self-amusement or that they all lost some gross bet. But when they start playing and the full force of their brutish sound is cracked open, PLATINUM BOYS deliver a musical punch that’s no joke. Their paint-huffing, sweat-soaked garage matrimony of Thin Lizzy and the Buzzcocks summons the spirit of the past 50 years of Rock n’ Roll in a uniquely 21st Century American way. Their songs are tight, aggressively sped-out and
they boil up from a sneering, self-aware sense of humor. PLATINUM BOYS might just be geniuses, but if they are, it’s the type of genius that leaves you brain damaged. (Rev.Norb)