Nicotine Nerves // Dr.Dreck

The duo Nicotine Nerves from Aarhus, Denmark, deliver a hurricane of restless and hard rocking songs on their first EP. The sound is like a blend of grunge, garage and punk, where a heavy temper and noisy attitude carries the songs with a significant edge, melody and intensity.
Think Nirvana added gasoline mixed with The White Stripes‘ simple and direct expression and you are somewhere close. No-frills and in-your-face! And Nirvana is actually one of the inspirational sources along with other names like Pixies and Ty Segall.

Dr. Dreck (DUS)
Experimental Noise Punk Hip Hop mit Loops One Man Band

—> Dr. Dreck öffnet seinen Zauberkoffer, loopt Bass mit Spielzeugpistolen und rappt über Äpfel… Das alles passiert mit entwaffnendem Charme, einer großen Portion Humor und wird mit einer wundervollen Punk-Attitüde vorgetragen. Muss man gesehen haben!!