Lingua Nada

„Lingua Nada is a band, that…“ And
then what? It’s not that easy to
describe the hyperactivity and
genre-bending sound of the Leipzig
based three-piece.
The experimental pop trio’s live
performances are like a wrecking
ball painted in neon camouflage:
catchy, painfull, sweet, bitter – and
loud! Nothing really fits and that’s
what fits perfectly.
When it comes to compositions,
Lingua Nada are navigating through
a Bermuda Triangle of oriental pop
melodies, noisy garage riffs and
impudently catchy melodies. Born
in Paris, as a son of a Moroccan
immigrant and an American
musician, singer Adam Lenox has a
lot to tell. Sometimes very toughly,
sometimes rather vulnerably his
lyrics stand above any kind of
pathos of today’s pop songs. Of
course, it’s about culture, about
identity and about exclusion. But
that still doesn’t mean anyone is
getting lectured.
And then there’s this thing called
groove. Even after a third round of
seven eighth-notes on waltz beats
they always find their way back to
the beat.
A math-rock band with dyscalculia,
so to speak. No matter how you
look at it, it makes you want to
move, dance like a goof because of
the weird beats and breaks. But
nevermind. Doesn ́t fun things
make you look goofy after all? Long
story short: Lingua Nada are the
most exciting and innovating band
Germanys underground scene has
to offer.

– Tammo / Euphorie