FIGURE WALKING (Greg Macpherson)

have provided an up-to-the-second, human response to an increasingly neoliberal world. Built on Greg MacPherson’s powerful songwriting, and the relentless backbone of Rob Gardiner’s drumming, The Big Other asks the citizens of the world to „believe in ourselves and to take something from the mistakes we’ve made“. The two-piece, based in Winnipeg, infamous as Canada’s coldest, most racist city, have taken social criticism and justice to heart, creating an album that is meaningful, unconventional, and exciting.

That conviction is echoed in the album’s centrepiece, “Victorious”, a vicious, scathing battle cry that lights up Western shadows right to their margins. “It’s ridiculous to believe that we’re all born equal and that hard work alone can break cycles of poverty, violence, racism, and inequality,” says MacPherson. “Victorious” is an anguished, desperate response to injustice, a three chord anthem to reconciliation, and a truly great political-rock song.

MOFER verarbeiten in ihrem Set Einflüsse von Joy Division bis Editors.
80s influenced no-nu-music