Catalogue & Drastisch Belanglos

Catalogue sind hypnotisch, düster und intensiv.
CATALOGUE is a french band from Marseille. The post punk trio was born in 2012 and its music is based on hyptonic beats and razor sharp guitars… The beatbox is always set at a minimum of 160 BPM, and tracks, which follow each other at a frenetic pace, are sung or whispered by a female voice with a French accent…Various sonic influences can be heard in Catalogue but mostly from post punk, garage, pop and noise bands.

Drastisch Belanglos
In einer Welt, in der vieles belanglos erscheint, bringen wir eine drastische Mischung aus Post-Punk und Psychedelic-Rock aus unserem Proberaum mit.
Bass: Felix Janzik
Gitarre/Gesang: Felix Wieland
Schlagzeug: Alexander Klat
Keyboard/Synthesizer: Lukas Kleimt